Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time for an update

It has been a while since I updated this family blog.  But I can't bring myself to delete it because it feels like a family journal and even though there are periods of time that are undocumented, I still want to update it once in a while.
This video is of my son, Dallan.  He wrote this song and has taught himself to play the guitar.  He began playing around the fall of 2011 and I think he has come a long way.  He enjoys writing his own songs and wants to continue to grow in his musical talent.  He is playing Lord Evelyn Oakleigh in the play "Anything Goes" and has also recently completed his third year participating in All-state for Maryland.  The week before he also did his first set at the Music Cafe in Damascus.  It was a great opportunity for him to get used to performing in public without direction.  We are so proud of the things Dallan has accomplished.  He will be 16 in another month.
Leah is in 3rd grade (9 years old) and is a fantastic writer.  She submits poems and short stories continuously to her school and has been recognized for being a Rocky Writer.  She enjoys going to activity day girls and just playing with her friends.
Ryan is doing great in Kindergarten!  He reads at a fourth grade level!  But as some of you may know, it would be hard to tell how well he reads because he is so quiet and shy.  We are working hard at getting him to speak up, but it is going to take a while.  He loves playing with his 3ds and we can use that to motivate him to do anything.

That's it for is no wonder why it has been so long since I updated.  This takes up a lot of time.  Eventually I will give updates on Bradley, Clay, and I.  Also, we got a puppy a week ago, so I need to take a couple of pictures and introduce him.  He is so cute!

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Brandy said...

You blogged! Yay! I was super happy to read an update!